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Randy's Testimonials

"I have been doing business with Randy for almost 10 years. Randy is professional, insightful, personable and certainly acts with high levels of integrity in everything he does."

Evan Tipton - 2/12/2014

"Randy was always prepared and a few steps ahead of us. He knew what we wanted and cut to the chase. Very smooth process and a great guy!"

Shane Dewald - 8/31/2016

"I've had the privilege of knowing Randy for 10 years and have not met anyone with a more personable demeanor. He is hardworking, compassionate, and very friendly. The man is always willing to help and will do it with a smile on his face. No problem giving a 5 out of 5 on this one."

Matthew Finkel - 10/14/2016

"Agent with outstanding character and integrity. Without question, a person of truly great quality and impeccable work ethic. I highly recommend this agent to anyone in need of his services."

Shawn Joyce - 12/22/2014

"Randy is a very energetic and caring person. He always looks out for others needs and strives to insure a stress free sale so that families can enjoy their new home"

Marshall House - 10/18/2015

"Randy is a very reliable man, both with work and family. He takes pride in what he does and you can see his passion for his work daily!"

Erica Pease - 10/17/2016

"Randy takes the time to discuss your wants and needs to fit your budget. He will work hard for you and takes care of his clients."

Jerry Mermis - 9/13/2014

"Randy is very trust worthy, and he will go above and beyond for any needs. Also, he is always there if I have questions."

Lacey Pfannenstiel - 6/24/2015

"Randy is hilarious, personable, and will get the job done!"

Ben Swofford - 3/14/2016

Randy Bortz