5 Ways to Amp Up Your Summer Bucket List | Jesse Blacklaw

5 Ways to Amp Up Your Summer Bucket List


Family blowing bubbles in the park

Even though we’ve almost surpassed the dog days of summer, there’s still time to knock a few items off of your summer bucket list. And if you don’t have a summer bucket list? There’s still time to create one! Use these summer bucket list ideas as inspiration for your late-summer staycation.

Get your history on.

Take a break from the heat and explore some of Kansas City’s finest museums. Whether you’re interested in art, World War I, baseball or dinosaurs, there’s something for everyone at these world-renowned museums.

Scoop up something different.

If you usually stick to either chocolate or vanilla when it comes to ice cream, it’s time to test out a new flavor. While you don’t have to go as far as tasting the new Joe’s Kansas City Burnt Ends & Sauce ice cream from Betty Rae’s, there’s still room to try something different!

Try a new coffee shop.

Break out of your usual morning routine and stop somewhere else to get your caffeine fix. Stopping at a new coffee shop also presents a great opportunity to explore a new neighborhood!

Hunker down for a movie marathon.

There’s no better way to wait out a summer storm or heat wave than a movie marathon. Grab your friends and family, whip up some popcorn and settle in on the couch with these summer favorites.

Take a weekend getaway.

Travel a little bit outside of the metropolitan area to take a day trip or weekend getaway. The area surrounding Kansas City is rife with beautiful scenery, art, wineries, antiquing and world-class college sports — and they’re all just a car ride away!

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